SRS no longer taking on new business

Well guys, the time has come…..As of March 2017, I am not seeking any new shock business. I will continue to support, to the extent I can, the guys that have had faith in me over the past few years….but that’s going to be it.

There are a few reasons for this….

1. The availability of parts and manufacture’s need to do all their own service and revalving. Bilstein is the last straw with the new SN2’s and having bodies and caps that don’t interchange with the past 20 years of their product. A little stuck for the repairs I have waiting now. If we can make our own parts I may be back at it again one day.

2. My other business has grown more than I could have thought over the last few years with more opportunity every day.

3. With having a demanding day job and everything else, I’ve had no free time the past several years. This makes it very difficult to support customers how I would like.

4. I feel I’ve accomplished what I set out to do with this part of me….time to move forward.

What I will be doing(not in any particular order)…
1. Paid race consulting work in the winter….possibly more if the opportunity arises.
2. Working on an PPV educational video series on racing topics….possibly an eBook to go along with it.
3. Expanding my Hobby products business as well as racing R/C cars.
4. Doing further research on shocks and racecar dynamics for future products.

If I have talked to you about your shocks or have your shocks I will get those things done, if they aren’t already, before for you need them.

Sorry guys, I have had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people through SRS….was part of a lot of race wins too. I say Thanks to all my past customers for their support and hope to see you all at the track again soon.


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